The One Where Jani Finds Himself in a Bind And Victor Starts Burning Out

After a small hiatus, the guys catch up on a brand new episode of Foreign Devs only to find the world has turned upside down in the meantime.

The duo discusses how their workloads have increased as both work to capture larger market shares and offset any possible market shrinkage for their companies, while tackling existing and high-priority projects.

Jani shares how he’s kept busy after hours, and Victor touches on the challenges of working 15+ hour days at the same desk between work for his company, Coder’s Tape, paid courses and open source projects.

Victor announces the highly successful launch of his new Scrimba Vue course:

Focusing on code quality over the functionality of software, Jani finds himself in a bind.

Victor shares a UI challenge and how the simplest solutions for the end user often require the most time and thought, especially when wanting to create something better functioning than what’s considered standard.

And in this episode's segment on gear, Victor equips himself with a new Mac Pro to aid with productivity.
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