The One Where Jani Goes To A Boat Show And Victor Talks About Buses

Racing straight out of the 2020 Miami International Boat Show onboard some electric scooters, Victor and Jani fly into this episode. While in Miami, the guys were determined to figure out which brand of rental scooters were the quickest - and promise to revisit with a more in-depth examination during this year's Laracon in Atlanta. The duo discuss the Good to Great book from Jim Collins, and how it aligns with both of their visions and values in elevating companies, and dive deeper into: - Hierarchy differences in teams made up of the right members, vs the wrong ones - Hiring cheap vs hiring the correct fit - How tolerating bad employees can kill great ones Victor shares a motivational story of how quality customer service led to an unexpected career opportunity in a new industry. Meanwhile, Jani considers buying another vehicle (yes, another vehicle) after a disappointing service visit.

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